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Article Properties

The properties tab of the article editor holds information about when the article was created and last modified, who owns it, and its position in the article tree.


By default the user who creates an article is the owner. You can change the owner using the "Select" button. Article owners can be notified about all updates to the article if they have "Default notify when approved" checked in their iCM user preferences. Article owners are also the first users notified about content due for updating.

Parent Article

You can change the position of an article by updating its parent.

Child Position

When you first create or change the parent of an article, you can change it's position in the order of articles beneath the parent (rather than editing the parent article and using the "Ordering" tab). Use the "Select" button to pick the article above which this article will be positioned. Note that this option is only available if you have turned on manual ordering in the Content Settings management section.

Created, Modified and Published

These read-only fields list the created and last modified dates and times. The name of the user who last modified the article is recorded, as is the user who published it, which will be the user who approved the article if you have approvals set up.

The last modified date can be displayed by most templates at the bottom of the page. Pick the templates you'd like to display this date in your subsite settings.

Last modified on 25 May 2022

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