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Custom Handlebars Helpers

We've written custom handlebars helpers you can use in your forms to access the values of fields and variables and to generate buttons.

Note that these helpers are not available in workflow mail activities.

Field Value and Variable Helpers

We've written our own Handlebars helpers you can use to access the values of other fields and variables in your form.

File Upload Helpers

The following helpers can be used to display images and links to files that have been uploaded during a form submission.

Media Item Helpers

These helpers output items held in the iCM media library.

Navigation Buttons

The NAVIGATIONBUTTON helper generates a button with the same markup as the navigation button field type. It's useful if you need to insert a button into your template or dynamically set button attributes.

Page Instance Helpers

The following Handlebars helpers display information about repeating pages and page instances.

Script Buttons

The SCRIPTBUTTON helper generates a button with the same markup as the script button field type.

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