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Modeller Navigation

The left navigation menu of the process modeller is where you'll find all of your process models and the models that have been deployed as processes.

Modeller Navigation

Models and processes are organised into groups based on their namespace. A model's namespace is set when it is first created, and can be edited from the "Main" tab in the model editor when no elements are selected.

Each element in the namespace path (that is, each word between forward slashes) creates a new group in the navigation. Compare the namespace in the screenshot below with the screenshot of the navigation in one of our test systems above.

Model Properties

Namespace groups are created automatically from the namespaces of your models. Unlike other content areas of iCM there's no need to create groups first.

If you need to "move" a model to a different group, update its namespace to follow the path you'd like to move it to.

Process Navigation

Deployed processes are also organised by namespace.

Beneath each named process is a list of all of the deployed versions of it. Each time you deploy (or redeploy) a process, a new version is created, even if no changes are made.

Process Navigation Menu

Select a version to display all of the instances of that version. See Inspecting Process Instances for more information.

Context Menus

You can right-click on a model from the navigation to reveal a context menu of options.

These match the options in the standard top-level menu.

Modeller Context Menu

A similar menu appears when you right-click on a deployed process.

Last modified on August 25, 2022

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