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Deployed Processes

Once you model has been deployed as a process you can import and export it, suspend, reactivate and terminate process instances, and inspect the details of instance activity.

Importing and Exporting

Just like models, you can also import and export processes as BPMN files.

Extracting an Editable Model from a Process

Processes can be imported back into the modeller for editing - useful if the original model has been changed.

Inspecting Process Instances

Once a process has been deployed it is possible to inspect it and view the details of any running instances of the process.

Suspending and Activating a Process

Suspending a deployed process will prevent any new instances of the process from being created and suspend any instances that are already running.

Suspending, Activating and Terminating a Process Instance

As well as the ability to suspend and re-activate a deployed process, the process modeller also allows you to suspend a particular running instance of a deployed process.

Deleting a Process

The process modeller allows you to delete a deployed process so that it is no longer available to use by the workflow engine.

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