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Workflow Processes

Business process models manage the workflow of tasks and interactions that make up the services delivered by your site. This allows work to be passed from user to user, data to flow back and forth between systems, notifications and tasks to be sent and assigned to users, and timers, sub-processes, gateways and events to automatically control how a job progresses.

Process Modeller

The process modeller has two distinct sections. The "Models" work area allows you to create and edit business process models. The "Processes" work area allows you to manage and inspect the models that have been deployed as processes, and any active or completed instances of them.

Introducing the Process Modeller

What is the process modeller? Here's an introduction to what it does and what all the bits are called.

Modeller Navigation

Workflow models and processes are organised into groups by namespace. You can browse these groups in the modeller's left hand navigation.

Managing Process Models

Creating, copying, importing, deploying and deleting process models.

Editing a Model

The model editor is where you create and edit your business models, building workflow processes out of the available tasks and activities.

Workflow Activities, Events and Extensions

All of the tasks, activities, sequence flows and structures used to build a BPMN 2.0 standard workflow model.

Deployed Processes

Once you model has been deployed as a process you can import and export it, suspend, reactivate and terminate process instances, and inspect the details of instance activity.

Workflow Knowledge Base

The Process Modeller is a key part of your platform, often providing the link between the various elements, driving forward your digital solutions.

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