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Tools and Expansions

Comms Manager

The Comms Template Manager (CTM) is a single repository of templates you can use when sending emails and SMS messages.

Configuration Manager

The Configuration Manager administers settings for other products.


Contribute lets website users create content on your site. Depending on the other templates you have, it could be used for events, business listings, classifieds, notices, or blog posts.

Data Exporter

The data exporter is a tool that schedules and manages exports of data from the services running on your Digital Platform.

Data Importer

The data importer provides a range of tools that allow you to import CSV data into custom tables in the iCM database.

Data Retention Manager

The Data Retention Manager (DRM) lets you set up schedules that will delete data saved using the platform's History Service and data that remains in the workflow engine once a process instance has ended.

Data Retention Manager (version 1)

The Data Retention Manager lets you set up schedules that will delete data saved using the Digital Platform's History Service.

Geospatial Data

The Geospatial Data Manager provides tools to manage, import and search for geospatial data that can be displayed in other products.

Multiple Payments

The Payment Basket groups payment form submissions together into a single order that can be paid for in one transaction.

Report It

Report It is a flexible reporting system designed to capture any incident that can be recorded on a map. Example uses include fly-tipping, graffiti, street cleaning, pot holes and abandoned vehicles.

Search Crawler

The Search Crawler scrapes the content of another website and indexes it as a custom collection in the platform's search.

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