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Site Features

Accessibility Features

All of our site frameworks, themes and templates are designed to deliver accessible content as standard. This article looks at some key features.

Article Feedback

The article feedback bar lets visitors to your site report problems with pages and say whether a page was useful or not.

Contributor Actions

The contributor actions block provides authorised website users with a panel of links which will connect them directly to iCM. These links let the user edit or delete the current page, and create new articles alongside it.

Cookies Set by GOSS Sites and Products

This article describes the cookies set by the websites and products that run on the GOSS platform.

Custom CSS - Adding CSS Modifiers to Content

You can apply custom CSS modifiers to an article that will allow the page to be styled differently to the rest of your site via your site skin.

Custom CSS - Site Skins

iCM allows you to upload your own CSS and apply it to any of your subsites as a custom site skin.

Error Handling

The different types of error responses your site might generate can be content managed in the subsite configuration.

Image Handling

This article explains how our sites generate inline and related images.

Inlines - Standard Behaviour

This article describes the latest versions of the standard inlines supported by the site frameworks.

Media Types

The site frameworks support the following media definitions. Website themes can add to the list.

Metadata Properties, Unfurling and Structured Data Markup

The metadata properties output by the site frameworks, how to override them, and how your site will appear when links to it are shared.

Multi-Language Support

Our sites and products provide multi-language support using a combination of internationalisation tokens and language specific content.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

A subsite can be set up to deliver content as an installable PWA.

Related Assets

Related Assets are panels of additional content that can appear on the majority of site template types. Their position and titles will depend upon the theme used by the site, but the following features are common to most themes.

Search Engine Optimisation

We're often asked about SEO. This article describes all of the good things our sites do automatically and offers some advice about the content you create.

Session Timeouts

An explanation of the various timeouts set by different platform components.

Session Transfers

You can share sessions between subsites, allowing a user logged in via one subsite to remain logged in when they visit another.


The sitemap.xml lists every public article on your site. XML tags can be managed using iCM metadata.

Subsite Configuration - Framework Features

A subsite's configuration holds settings that are used across the site. This includes elements like the site's title, the theme it uses, Google Analytics tracking IDs, and custom CSS and JavaScript files.

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