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Custom CSS - Site Skins

iCM allows you to upload your own CSS and apply it to any of your subsites as a custom site skin.

If you do decide to style your website yourself, make sure you are able to factor in time to check and update your work as we update your website to newer versions of the site frameworks and themes. Updates could include changes that would impact your own CSS, but any such changes will be detailed in our Release Notes.

Creating a Skin

Site skins are just CSS files.

All of the website themes created by us here at GOSS support skins, which you can create and content manage. Our CSS uses BEM methodology which you should familiarise yourself with before creating your own skin.

Uploading a Skin

Skin CSS files are uploaded into iCM as media items.

Your site should already have a skin media definition, but if it doesn't, you can create one following the advice in the Media Types article. A skin media definition should be named skin (lower case), have stylesheet  as it's single media component and *.css as the allowed file type.

To create a skin media item, open the iCM media library, right-click on the group you'd like to create the new skin media item in, and select "Create a media item" and "skin" from the context menu. You can find out more about creating media items in the Create, Edit and Delete Media Items article.

Using a Skin

Once you've uploaded a skin into iCM you need to tell your subsite to use it.

Log into your iCM enterprise URL. This is normally

Open the Subsites section of iCM Management and double-click on the subsite you'd like to edit.

In the "Configuration" tab you'll find a field called "Site Skin".

Site Skins

Press the "Select" button to open a standard iCM media picker and select the skin you'd like to use.

Once you've saved the subsite configuration you'll need to clear the site cache.

Last modified on August 24, 2022

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