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Related Assets

Related Assets are panels of additional content that can appear on the majority of site template types. Their position and titles will depend upon the theme used by the site, but the following features are common to most themes.


Related assets appear in the following order:

  1. Related forms
  2. Related media items (downloads)
  3. Related rendered articles
  4. Related polls
  5. Related articles
  6. In this section (if enabled in your subsite configuration)
  7. Related features (groups of pages beneath a given heading)
  8. Related links to other websites

Related Forms

Should a form be related to an article using the Forms Service Template, the form will appear in the main body of the page, as described for that template.

Should a form be related to another page, a link to the form will appear in the forms asset panel. The link text is provided by the form's description. Clicking the link will cause the current page to reload with the form displayed in place of the original page content.

Related Media Items


The first image related to an article will generally appear within the body of the page. The position and behaviour of the image will depend upon the site's theme.


Documents such as PDF, Word, Excel and zip files will appear as links in the related downloads panel. Each item will typically have an icon that depicts the type of media item it is. This icon will be provided by the website's theme. To the right of the icon the media title is displayed, followed by the size of the file in square brackets.

Media Items with Multiple Components

Should a media item with multiple components be related to an article, a link to each component will be added to the related downloads panel. The title of the media item will form a subheading in the panel. Links to each component will be grouped together beneath the title. The links are made up of the component name followed by its size in square brackets.

Related Rendered Articles

Unlike related articles, rendered articles output content into asset panels rather than simply their heading as a link. For example, a related rendered contact article may output the name of the contact, a summary, an email address and a telephone number. The items available to be rendered in this way will depend upon the template being used and will be detailed in its relevant documentation.

After the rendered elements a link to the full article will be output. Each rendered article will appear in its own panel.

Related Polls

Related polls panels display the yes/no and multiple choice polls that are related to the current article. Each poll will appear in its own panel.

Each panel uses the name of the poll as its title. Below the title the "poll question" is displayed, followed by a radio button and text for each of the possible answers.

Below the poll answers are two buttons, "Vote" and "Results". Clicking the vote button will cast the user's vote and change the online polls panel to the results view. Clicking the results button will allow the user to view the current results of the poll without casting their vote.

If this user has voted in this poll during the past twenty-four hours, the results view, rather than the voting view appears when the page is viewed.

Results View

The results view includes the following information:

  • The poll question
  • The poll answer options followed by the percentage of the vote that each result currently has and a bar chart. The option the user voted for will be in bold
  • A "Back" button to return to the voting view if the user has not voted in this poll in the past twenty-four hours

Related Articles

The related article panel displays a list of articles that have been related to the current page. The title (or alternate link text) of each related article acts as a link to that article.

In this Section

This panel isn't related content, but will appear in the related content area. It displays any articles at the same level in the article tree (ie "sibling" articles") as the article that's being viewed.

For example, given this article tree:

Example Article Tree

When viewing the "Image Gallery" article, the panel displays:

In this Section Panel

The panel is enabled in your Subsite Configuration - Framework Features:

In this Section Config

Pick the template types that should display the panel. All article using these templates will display the panel.

The metadata value picked here can be related to any article to hide the panel.

If an article has no sibling articles, the panel won't appear. The panel also won't appear if the current article is the child of a "hidden" (ie Display: No) article.

Related Features

The title of the related features panel is that of a feature group related to the current article. Each article within a feature group will appear as a link, described in the related article section above. Multiple feature groups can be related to one article, each appearing in its own panel.

Related Links

External links that have been related to the current article appear in the related links panel. The link text provides the text for the link. The link description provides the title element of the <a> tag and will appear when a user hovers their mouse over the link, followed by the text "Opens in a new browser tab or window".

Last modified on January 05, 2024

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