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Forms Service

The Forms Service template is used by the site to display forms created using the GOSS iCM Forms Designer.

Example Form

Page Title and Content

The page title and content, including inline elements, appear at the top of the page, as per the Default template. Content remains visible on all pages of the form, and when the form has been submitted.

You can control the format of the page title in your Subsite Configuration - Framework Features. The default behaviour is for articles displaying a form to output the article's heading on every page of your form. The tokens [articletitle] and [formpagetitle] will add the title of the current page of the form to the article heading. If a page in your form doesn't have a title, just the article heading will be displayed. Note that your subsite settings apply to all forms on your site. If an article has multiple forms related to it, only the page titles of the first form are used.

Related Assets

All related assets, like media items, links and features, display as per the Default template, with the exception of related forms. Related forms do not appear as links in the related forms asset panel, but as form content described below.

Form Content

Beneath the page's body content, the Forms Service template will display any number of forms that have been related to the article. Each form operates independently.

Form design, behaviour, paging, and actions on submit are controlled by the iCM Forms Designer.

Styling is provided by the website's theme.

Last modified on 05 January 2024

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