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The Redirect template doesn't display any page content of its own (which also means articles using it can't be previewed - you'll see a redirect message instead). The template is used to create links in the site navigation which redirect users to either another article, an external link, or a media item.

Redirects can be set as permanent (301 response), temporary (302 response), or act as an alias (404 response) which outputs a direct link to the target.

Page Title

The page title will be used when an article using the Redirect template appears in lists, navigational elements and search results. It can be overridden using the article's alternate link text as per the Default template.

Page Content

Although articles using the Redirect template do not display any content of their own, article summary and introductory text, and related image will appear in search results and list items, as per the Default template.

Redirect Behaviour

The article extras of an article using the Redirect template allow the article to behave in one of three "modes".


Attempts to navigate to this article will result in a 301 "Moved permanently" response to the configured target.


Attempts to navigate to this article will result in a 302 "Moved temporarily" response to the configured target.


Attempts to navigate to this article will result in a 404 "Not found" response. Anywhere a link to this redirect article would be output, a link directly to the target is output instead.

Redirect Targets

Redirect targets are content items that are related to the redirect article. There are three valid targets for redirect articles: an article, a media item, an external link. Should none of these items be related to the redirect article, it will redirect to its first child article. If multiple items are related to the redirect article then the redirect will only target one item, in the following order of priority:

  1. The first related article that the user has access to (see security below)
  2. The first related link (if no articles are related)
  3. The first related media item (if no articles or links are related)
  4. The first child article (if none of the above are related)

Target Article Security

It's possible to relate multiple secured articles to a single redirect article, each with different article security. A logged in user who follows the link to the redirect will be redirected to the first secure article they have access to. The same can be done with secured child articles.

Take care though, if a user is not logged in, they will end up on the (unsecured) redirect article with the message that there is no redirect target.

Article Extras

Field NameTypeDescription
MODEDrop-downEither Permanent, Temporary or Alias
PASSTHROUGHPARAMSDrop-downYes/No to pass through URL parameters
Last modified on 20 November 2023

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