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Document and Document Section

The Document and Document Section templates are used together to create paged content with a table of contents and navigation buttons.

Command Document Template

There's a working example of this template in the Cloud Security Principles section of our hosting documentation.

Page Title and Content

An article using the Document template doesn't display any body content of its own (which also means articles using it can't be previewed - you'll see a redirect message instead). The heading of the document article appears at the top of the page, and introductory and summary text may appear in lists and search results. The remaining page content is taken from child articles using the Document Section templates found directly beneath the document article.

Content related to the Document template appears in right hand asset panels alongside the section content.

Related images are not used anywhere by either the Document or Document Section templates.

Section Titles

The headings of child articles using the Document Section template appear as a table of contents. Alternate link text is not used. Only child articles using the Document Section template appear here, any other template type is ignored. Selecting a title causes the content of that article to be displayed.

Metadata Titles

The default behaviour for article metadata titles (used in the <title><meta name="twitter:title" /> and <meta property="og:title" />) is to output the article heading followed by the subsite name. When you are viewing a Document Section, the same is true, the metadata titles will be the title of the section you are viewing and the subsite name.

In the subsite settings you can override this behaviour using tokens. The two tokens are [documentheading] and [sectionheading]. This would allow you to also include the title of the parent document in the title, and to control their order.

See Subsite Configuration - Framework Features for more information about subsite settings.

Section Article Content

When a user first navigates to the document article, they are presented with the content of the first child article using the Document Section template.

The article introductory and body text appear here. This content behaves in exactly the same way as an article using the Default template and may include image inlines. Articles using the Document Section template do not display any related content of their own, but may have related metadata.

Section Navigation

Navigation links are automatically output beneath the section content. They allow a user to navigate backwards and forwards through the section articles. The links use the article headings - alternate link text is not used. As with the content table, articles not using the Document Section template are ignored.

Example Structure

The example content in the screenshot above looks like this in the article tree.

Document Article Tree

The "Document with sections" article uses the Document template. The three child articles use the Document Section template.

Article Extras

Neither template uses an article extension form. If you are using the "SEO" article extension, the augmented titles and descriptions are taken from each section, not the top level document.

Last modified on 13 October 2023

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