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The Default template displays standard page text, inlines and related asset panels. It can be used to produce a versatile web page that will hold the majority of a site's content.

An example article using the Default Template

Page Title

The heading of the article using the Default template, as entered in iCM.

Page Content

Page content is entered using iCM. Text is divided into "Introductory text" which appears above the main page text, often in a contrasting style, and "Body text", which holds the main textual content of the page. Body text can include styled and formatted text, tables, and inline content items, such as links to media, images, external links, videos and other embedded content.

First Related Image

The first image related to an article using the Default template generally appears to the left of the body text. The size and position of this image will vary depending upon the theme your site is using.

Related Assets

Related assets are items of additional content, added to an article by the content author. The position of these assets and their titles will vary depending upon the website's theme. The example above shows related assets in the Chill theme. There's more information about related content in the Related Assets section.

Creating a Default Article

The following principles will be followed by the majority of website themes and most template types.

Page Title

The article heading text in iCM provides the page title. The page title appears at the top of the page, often as the <h1> element. The heading text is also used whenever a link to the article is output. For example:

  • in site menus and the site breadcrumb
  • as the title of the article when it appears in lists, search results, or in another template
  • as the link to the article when it is used in article inlines or related to another article
  • in the article URL of the browser's address bar if no friendly URL has been set

Alternate Link

The alternate link text can be used to override the heading when the heading would appear as a link, as described above. The text does not appear on the page of the article itself. Alternate link text is provided so that articles with long headings that would look inappropriate in menus can have alternative, shorter text instead.

Page Content

The Articles section describes the article editor, adding content, styling text and publishing content.

Page Last Modified

Each article on your site can display the date on which it was last modified. There's a setting in the subsite configuration that controls which templates will display the last modified date.

Related Assets

Additional content can be added to the Default template using iCM's related content tab. This content will generally appear in panels or blocks on the page, the position and styling of which are determined by the website's theme. See the Extra Configuration and Related Content article for more information.

Last modified on 22 February 2023

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