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Data Exporter

The data exporter is a tool that schedules and manages exports of data from the services running on your Digital Platform.

The primary source of data to export are records in the platform's history service. You can select the type of history to export, which can be refined by label, as well as plugging in custom End Points to perform exports. You can schedule when the exports will happen, the file type the data will be saved as, and where the file will be saved or sent to.

The Scheduler

You can run exports on demand, or set up daily, weekly and monthly schedules. Each export lets you pick the datasource, the file type to save the data as, and where the export should be sent or saved.

Technical Notes

Information about the workflow process, End Points and file types associated with the Data Exporter.

Data Exporter Configuration

The Data Exporter has a single configuration End Point which is used to hold SFTP details.

Export of Cancelled Bookings

This end point lets you generate a report of cancelled bookings.

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