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Data Exporter Configuration

The Data Exporter has a single configuration End Point which is used to hold SFTP details. These details are picked from the scheduling form so that configuration can be held in a single place, and passwords don't need to be entered into the form.

If you are not planning on exporting data via SFTP, this configuration can be left blank.


The Configuration End Points article explains the principles of holding product configuration in End Points.

You should create configuration for each of your environments at config.<environment>.DataExporter.getConfig


There's an example configuration End Point at config.example.DataExporter.getConfig which you can copy into your other environment namespaces.


function(params, credentials) {
    return {
        sftpDetails: [{
                "key": "first_sftp",
                "display": "First SFTP",
                "path": "transfer/myFolder",
                "password": "password2",
                "port": 22,
                "host": "",
                "createFolder": "",
                "user": "test"
                "key": "second_sftp",
                "display": "Second SFTP",
                "path": "transfer/myFolder",
                "password": "password2",
                "port": 22,
                "host": "",
                "createFolder": "",
                "user": "test"

Each object in this array provides an option in the scheduling form drop-down:

SFTP Details

They are:

keyA unique identifier for this configuration
displayThe display text for the drop-down field
pathThe path you enter should already exist on the SFTP host
passwordThe SFTP password
portThe port
hostThe host
createFolderIf you enter a name here a new directory will be created with that name
userThe SFTP username


Last modified on 13 March 2023

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