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Searching For and Replacing Article Content

The articles home page has a search bar in the top right corner which lets you carry out a quick search of article content. You can enter a word or ID and press the enter key or click the search icon.

If you know the article ID you are looking for, clicking the "ID only" checkbox will only search for article IDs.

Alternatively, the articles action panel has a link to "Search/replace articles" which pretty much takes you to the same place (it's the results page, but has zero results because you haven't search for anything yet).

Once you've carried out a search you'll see a list of the articles whose ID and/or text match your search. The search in iCM will look at article heading, intro, summary and body text and the article friendly URL and alternate link text as standard. The content of the article extras will only be searched if the fields of the extra forms have been marked as searchable.

For more information about searching and replacing in iCM, including search operators, using brackets and quotes, case sensitivity and how replace actually works, see Search and Replace in iCM.

Working with the Search Results

The matching articles can be worked on individually or using the bulk/grid editor. Right-click a listed article to display a menu of options that can be performed on that particular article, including edit, delete, locate etc. 

You can also use the "copy", "edit", "move" and "delete listed articles" action menu options to load the articles into the grid editor.

Note that only the articles listed will be loaded into the editor. There may be other articles that match the search criteria, but won't be displayed because only fifty results can be displayed at once.

Last modified on 06 March 2020

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