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iCM polls let you create quick questionnaires that can be displayed on most articles. They let a visitor to your site answer a yes/no question, or pick one answer from a multiple choice list.

The polls panel in the core framework of iCM sites includes "Vote" and "Results" buttons so users can cast their vote and see the votes cast so far. Typically users will only be able to cast a vote once in a twenty-four hour period. This is set by a cookie.

More information about how polls appear and behave on your site can be found in the Related Assets documentation.

Poll Groups

Like other content items, polls are organised into groups. Access to these groups, and the ability to create polls in them, are given to iCM users via their iCM Privileges.

To create group, right click on an existing group (or the root POLLS folder) and click "Create a group". To edit an existing group, double-click on it.

You'll need to give your group a name, which will be visible in the various menus around iCM.

You can move a poll group by selecting a new parent.

To delete a group, right-click on it and select "Delete this group". If you delete a poll group, all of the polls in it will also be deleted.

Unlike other content items, there is no version history for polls, so deleted polls cannot be restored.

Creating and Editing Polls

To create a new poll, right-click on an existing group and select "Create a poll". To edit an existing poll, double-click on it.

Polls have the following properties.

Poll nameEnter a name for your poll. This is usually displayed above the poll on your site
Poll questionEnter your poll question. This will be displayed above the answer options
Poll typeIf your poll only has a yes/no answer, pick "Yes/No". Select "Multiple choice" to enable the multiple choice answers field
Multiple choice answersEnter the possible answers for your poll. Use the "Create" button to enter new answers, the "Edit" button to edit existing answers, or the "Delete" button to delete answers

The text property page also displays the number of votes each poll answer has received. Be careful. Changing a poll's type will rest all of the counters.

Scheduling Polls

By default a poll will be "on" when it is created and will remain active for one month.

If a poll is "off" or the scheduled end time is reached, the poll will not be displayed on your site. The poll will still remain in the related content section of the article it was displayed on.

Poll Properties

The poll properties tab shows the group the poll is in. Use the "Select" button to move the poll to another group.

This tab also displays the total votes cast. If the poll's type is changed, this counter will reset.

Poll Results

As well as the counters displayed next to the poll questions, the action panel when editing a poll includes a link to "Download poll results".

This action will download the poll name, question and results in a text file.

Last modified on May 02, 2023

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