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Interaction Logging with Assisted Service

The interaction log can be used by agents to record what they are doing. It is implemented using a set of forms and workflow process, which record the channel, service needing assistance, user being assisted, time spent, and outcome, using the platform's history service.

Form Fields

Two form fields can also be used to start, update and complete interactions. See Assisted Service - Start/Update Interaction and Assisted Service - Complete Interaction for details.

User Groups

The interaction log starts a workflow process. Your staff/agents who record interactions will need to be in the "SECURED" site user group to be able to start the process.

Recording an Interaction

The standard form lets an agent select the channel through which they have been contacted (phone, face to face, live-chat etc) and the service they are assisting a user with.

Utilities - Viewing and Modifying Interactions

Two utility forms, designed to be used by service managers, let you inspect current interactions and edit completed ones.

Configuration and History Records

The interaction log is configured using a single End Point.

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