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Example Installation

When Diary Planner is installed it includes an example application. It shows the recommended article structure that should be replicated for any new services you set up in Diary Planner.

Article Structure

Diary Planner Example Articles

Diary Planner ExampleListNoneRoot article for the example application. For new applications, replicate everything from this article down
ConfigurationListNoneHidden article under which all configuration articles are stored
Appointment TypesListNoneRoot article for all application Slot Type articles. These define each type of appointment you want to be able to book in the calendars
Example AppointmentSlot TypeNoneAn example appointment
CalendarsListNoneRoot article for all Slot Book articles
Calendar 1Slot BookNoneAn example calendar
Diary Planner Example AdministrationListSlot Booking AdminRoot article for administration articles
Administration CalendarSlot BookingInheritedAdministration calendar which has the Slot Book articles related to it
Book an appointmentListNoneRoot article for citizen appointment articles. These should be moved to the citizen site
Book an example appointmentForm Service - Diary Planner AppointmentNoneExample appointment booking article. Relate the booking form created in Creating New Appointment Types to this article

Example Appointment - Slot Type Template

The example appointment article uses the Slot Type template and has the following article extras:

Article HeadingDiary Planner Example Appointment
Appointment formDiary Planner - Example Appointment
CTM ApplicationDiaryPlannerExample
CTM TemplateExample Appointment
Appointment Processing ModelProcessing enabled
  • CSU and Citizen users will use the Default Management Form
  • Administration users will use the Default Processing Form
Confirmation FormDefault Confirmation Form
Non-Admin CancellationYes, up to an hour before
Non-Admin AmendmentYes, up to an hour before
Non-Admin RescheduleYes, up to an hour before

Calendars - Slot Book Template

The example calendar is setup to allow the Example Appointment to be offered and has the following settings. These can be replicated when you are creating your own appointments to provide a known starting point. The example article extras are:

Article HeadingCalendar 1
Step Interval15 Minutes
Visibility SettingsYes, groups selected. See Slot Book Template for a description
NameCalendar 1
Limited TimeNo
Use LockingYes
AvailabilityMonday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00
Appointment AvailabilityExample appointment - Monday to Friday 100%

Administration Calendar - Slot Booking Template

The example administration calendar is set up to allow the processing of Example Appointments and has the following settings in the article extras. These can be replicated to when you are creating your own applications to provide a known starting point.

Article HeadingAdministration Calendar
Related CalendarsCalendar 1
Calendar refresh intervalEvery 30 seconds
Step Interval15 minutes
Appointment OverridesEnabled
Appointment selectDefault Diary Planner Appointment Selection
Appointment click throughEnabled
Appointment viewDefault Diary Planner Appointment View

Appointment Booking Form - Diary Planner Appointment Template

The example appointment form has been created using the appointment blueprint form and related to a "Form Service - Diary Planner Appointment" article. See Booking Appointments and Creating New Appointment Types for a full description of the form.

Last modified on 15 August 2023

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