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The definitions section lets you set up the underlying bits of iCM used by the main content areas. This includes things like the form families and templates, as well as default article validators and the spell check dictionary.

In this Section

Swear Word Dictionary

The swear word dictionary is used by iCM forums. Words in the dictionary will be automatically removed from forum posts.

Spell Check Dictionary

The spell check dictionary contains all of the custom words added to the standard dictionary.

Article Validators

Article validators are used to check the accessibility and readability of articles when they are submitted.

Inline Types

The inline definition editor controls the options available in the article editor.

Media Types

Set up the types of media that your iCM users will be able to create in iCM.

Object Types

Object Types contain the properties behind iCM Forms and can also be used to store other data

Form Families

Form Families define the field types, form and page settings, and underlying form runtime used by the forms platform.

Template Definitions

Templates add functionality to your site. A template definition includes the template name, the name of directory that holds the template code, and other details like the article extension form, template constraints and additional text areas.


Each site managed by iCM is known as a subsite. Create and manage them from here.

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