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Registrars provides two bespoke dashboards which report on the types of appointment, how they were booked, and how all appointments are performing against KPIs.

Appointment Types

Appointment Dashboard

This dashboard breaks down the appointments booked by type, channel and user. Channel is defined as Assisted or Self service. Appointments created by Registrars or Customer Service users are "assisted", those booked directly by members of the public as "self". The user breakdown distinguishes between Registrar and Customer Service users, and, for self service bookings, whether the member of the public was logged into the site ("My Account" users) or made the booking while not logged in.

Tables provide a more detailed view of the data, breaking it down by appointment type.

The dashboard can report on appointments using a preset range of date filters or a custom date range.

Set Up

This dashboard uses a single form displayed on an article using the Forms Service template. Relate articles using the "Slot Type" template to the dashboard article for those appointment types to be displayed and reported on.


KPI Dashboard

This dashboard uses column graphs to display performance data against configured KPIs. The three standard KPIs are:

  • Appointment Offers - The percentage of people offered an appointment within the target number of days
  • Appointment Wait - The percentage of people who appointments started in the target time between checking in and being seen
  • Registrations - The percentage of registrations that took place within the target time (eg the percentage of births registered within forty-two days)

Controls on the dashboard let the user set the date range to be reported on, display a summary of the data in a table, and allow it to be exported as a CSV file.

Last modified on 10 May 2022

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