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Example Setup

Once the Registrars forms, End Points and workflow models have been installed we recommend creating the following articles and forms. Your site should already have the Slot Booking templates and workflows installed.

Article Overview

Our standard installations place the following articles in a shared content root. You could create redirects in your main article structure that point here, or move articles into the relevant places.

IA Overview

Public Facing

These articles are used by the public to book and manage their appointments.

Booking Forms

Booking Forms

Create an article using the Forms Service template for each appointment type and relate the relevant booking form to each one.

User Requests or Self Service

Whichever template you are using, it should be set up to show the "BP Slot Booking" workflow process. This article will probably already exist as part of your existing website's "My account" area.

Manage Appointment

This hidden (see below) Forms Service article has the "Expired" form related to it. The full URL of this article should be set in the main Registrars configuration End Point as the value of "citizenManagementURL". Links to this page are sent out via some email notifications.

Registrars Area

Registrars Area

These articles should be secured to the SLOTBOOKINGREGISTRAR user group. They include the main registrar calendar overview, a search form, and articles to handle incoming requests and active tasks.

Calendar Overview

This article uses the Slot Booking template and has all of the individual registrar calendars (Slot Book articles) from the hidden area related to it.


This article uses the Self Service template. It should display the following processes:

  • bpslotbooking
  • handleincomingrequest
  • registrarscontactotehrdistrict
  • registrarspostform

Enable the assigned and claimable task panels.

Appointment Search

This Forms Service article has the "Search Registrars Booking (Registrars) (SOLR)" form related to it.

Incoming Requests

This Forms service article has the "Handle Incoming Request" form related to it.

Customer Services

CSA Articles

These articles are optional. They allow a set of users to have limited access to booked appointments, perhaps customer service staff working in a call centre.

Calendar Overview

This article is a copy of the main registrar calendar (Slot Booking) article. Security within the forms and workflow models mean that customer service users have a read only view of the bookings.

Appointment Search

This Forms Service article has the "Search Registrars Booking (CSU) (SOLR)" form related to it.

Hidden Articles

Hidden Articles

These articles should not form part of your site navigation and, apart from the "Manage appointment" article described above, are never viewed directly. They hold configuration for the various appointment types and calendars.

Each appointment type uses the Slot Type template. The main appointment types correspond to the public booking forms. The secured articles are placeholder appointments that registrars can book for themselves directly from the calendars.

Each calendar article uses the Slot Book template. These articles are related to the main registrar and customer service Slot Booking calendar overview articles. The visibility settings of the calendars should always be set as "Yes" with security groups selected. See Slot Book Template for a description.

Last modified on 18 July 2023

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