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Bulk Editing End Points

To edit multiple end points at the same time, use either Ctrl+click or Shift+click to select the end points in the explorer you would like to edit, then right-click and select "Copy", "Edit" or "Delete these ends points".


Copying multiple End points loads them into the grid editor (see below).

The major version number of each end point is incremented by one, as when the grid editor first loads, the copies are assumed to be made in the same namespace as the original.

To change the namespace/group of your end points, select them, then right-click and select the "Parent group (namespace). Picking a new namespace returns the major version number back to one.

You can then choose whether the copies are published, published for production, or saved as work in progress from the actions panel.


Selecting and editing multiple end points loads them into the grid editor.

Grid Editor

Grid Editor

Once end points have been loaded into the grid editor, they can be sorted by any of the visible columns.

Click on a column heading to sort by that column in ascending order. Click again to sort by descending order.

You can show or hide columns by clicking on the downwards arrow next to any column heading.

Use the + symbol next to each end point in the grid to view additional details.

The dustbin icon removes the end point from the grid editor, it does not delete it.

Modifying Content

Where changes are permitted, double-click on a field in the grid to edit it. Text content, like the name and description, will usually be edited in-place in the grid. Non-text content will usually provide a pop-up editor. These pop-up editors can also be launched by right-clicking on an end point and selecting "Edit".

Once changes have been made, grid cells containing changed content have a red triangle in their top left corner. The left hand status column displays an exclamation mark in a red circle, indicating that the changes have not yet been saved.

Once editing is complete click "Save/publish these end points" from the left hand panel. Successful changes are shown by a green tick in the left hand status column. The grid will remain active, allowing further editing.

To leave the grid editor click "Close edit" in the actions panel.


Deleting multiple end points loads the selected end points into the grid editor. You can then select "Delete these end points" in the actions panel.

Last modified on July 31, 2023

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