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Case Configuration Overview

As well as the following case configuration (set using the configuration manager), each installation also has an Environment Configuration End Point.

Setup and Naming

Most of the options in this section are set when you first configure the case.


Lists of the user groups who should be involved in all aspects of the case.


Tasks configuration defines the types of tasks that a case manager will be able to generate while they are working on a case.


Subtypes are a way to categorise cases.


As a case progresses it will pass through several statuses. set them up here.


Stages add formal structure to a case.

SLAs and Working Hours

Manage the service level agreements for a case type. Also includes information on bank holidays and working hours.

Email Content

Emails, templates and controlling when they are sent.

Email Links

Customise the URLs that are sent as links in emails.


Set the maximum number and size of the attachments that can be uploaded.

Contact Loop

The reminder time period and file sizes that can be uploaded when a staff member asks the case owner a question.

Closure Reasons

The reasons that can be set when a case is closed. You can also manage the email templates that get sent for each.


These values populate the case reassignment and case escalation drop-downs.


Set up the trigger points and actions that should be performed.

Convert Case

A case can be converted to another type. You can map values between types and choose what happens to the SLA.

Task Titles

All of the user tasks that appear on the Self Service and User Requests templates can have their titles set here.

Read Only

The Read Only settings control what information from the original case form a case manager can see.


Enable additional tracing and monitoring.

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