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Task Titles

All of the user tasks that appear on the Self Service and User Requests templates can have their titles set here.

You can use any of the form_ tokens listed on Email Template and Task Title Tokens.

Note that the default public facing titles (displayed to the person who raised the case) use internationalisation tokens to support multi-language sites. The values of these tokens are set using the platform's internationalisation tools. If you don't have a multi-language site, you can replace the tokens with English text.


New CaseNew {{caseName}} from {{form_NAME}} for reviewThe Self Service task description for new cases
Viewed{{caseName}} from {{form_NAME}} for reviewThe description once a case has been claimed and viewed
ReviewCitizen response: {{caseName}} from {{form_NAME}} for reviewIf a staff member asks the person who raised the case a question, when they reply, this is the description
Assign{{caseName}} from {{form_NAME}} assigned to you/your group {{form_ASSIGNREASON}}The description when a staff member reassigns the case to another group/user
Citizen Summaryi18n~{}
Track and update
The task shown on the User Requests card
Contact Citizen Responsei18n~{}
Please respond to these questions
The task shown to users if they have been asked a question
The following are displayed if a user returns to the Self Service article part way through completing an action
Completion TargetSet case completion targetDisplayed while the SLA is being set
Extend TargetExtend case completion targetDisplayed while the SLA is being extended
Close CaseClose caseDisplayed while the case is being closed
Case Read-onlyView case dataDisplayed while the read-only view of a case is active
Contact Citizen QuestionContactDisplayed while creating questions
Add AppointmentAdd case appointmentDisplayed while appointments are being created
New TaskNew taskDisplayed while tasks are being configured
Auto TaskAuto taskDisplayed while automated tasks are being set up
View TaskView taskDisplayed while an existing task is being viewed
Convert CaseConvert caseDisplayed while the case conversion section is open
View EmailView emailDisplayed while case emails are open
Cancel TaskCancel taskDisplayed while a task is being cancelled
Record Additional DetailsRecord additional detailsDisplayed while the form used to submit additional details is open
Last modified on 15 May 2023

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