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As a case progresses it will pass through several statuses. A status can be set by the case manager, or automatically using Case Routines.

Names and Descriptions

All statuses have an optional "description" field. If this is left blank, the status name will be used throughout Case Management. If you do enter a description it will appear on any user facing forms, in place of the name. This functionality is primarily aimed at multi-language sites so the description can include internationalisation tokens.

Start Status

This is the status set when a case is initially raised and lasts while Case Management initialises the case and sets up relevant user tasks. It will appear in the case history. The default is "New".

In Progress Statuses

Once a case is open, these are the statuses that it can be set to.


The first status in the list should be the default "Open" status. The case is automatically set to the first item in the list as soon as the user tasks have been created.

Other statuses can be set manually by the case manager or by a routine as other activities are completed.

End Status

This is the closed status. Only one can be set for a case type. Note that when a case is closed there are Closure Reasons that are used to add more detail.

Escalated Status

The status that is used when a case is escalated.

Last modified on 06 June 2023

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