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Plugins - Standard Case Types and Tasks

We've created a range of plugins for Case Management. These include specific case types, like complaints, and specialised tasks that can be created while a case is being worked on.

If you are looking for information about creating your own tasks, see Creating Custom Tasks in the reference section.

Case Type - Complaints and Feedback

The Complaints and Feedback Plugin for Case Management lets users raise cases about specific services described on your site.

Case Type - Member Enquiries

This plugin handles cases raised by a councillor or other elected official, usually on behalf of a constituent.

Case Type - Subject Access Requests

The Subject Access Request (SAR) plugin captures the information you need to process requests made to your organisation.

Task - Collect Information

The Collect Information task allows a case manager to request information from a team or individual.

Task - Forward Feedback

This task is carried out by the case manager. Feedback from the case is forwarded by email to another group or user.

Task - Investigate

The Investigate task allows a case manager to request a more detailed investigation from a team or individual.

Task - Request Payment

The Request Payment task can be used whenever payment is required as part of your case handling.

Task - Response

The Response task allows a case manager to request that a team or individual makes a templated response to the person who raised the case.

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