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Task - Investigate

The Investigate task allows a case manager to request a more detailed investigation from a team or individual. The user who picks up the task can record a timeline of updates in the task history as the investigation is carried out.


Task Summary

The task summary includes the following information:

  • The business key of the parent case
  • The business key of the current task
  • The case manager who created the task
  • The user or group the task has been assigned to
  • The case type
  • The date and time the task was created
  • The task completion SLA
  • The task description entered when the task was created

Task Actions

These fields allow the user to complete the task.

Investigate lets the user add timestamped update notes to the case as their investigation proceeds. This notes can be public or private and form part of the main case history.

Investigate History

A final text area field is used to record the outcome of the investigation.

Once the response has been submitted the task is complete. The response and attached files can be seen by the case manager.

Last modified on September 26, 2022

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