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Tasks configuration defines the types of tasks that a case manager will be able to generate while they are working on a case.

The task editor lists the tasks currently available this case type and lets you create new ones.

Task Types

Configuring Existing Tasks

This is a list of the current tasks that a case manager could create and assign while working on a case.

Use the "Configure" button to change the settings for a task. The available settings are:

Groups - Auto-assignYes - The case manager won't have the option to assign the task, it will be assigned to them when they generate it
No - The case manager will be able to choose the group the task is assigned to
Groups - Assignment groupsEnter a list of groups the case manager could assign the task to
SLA - TargetEnter the SLA in days or hours
SLA - ReminderEnter the days or hours prior to the task SLA expiry that a reminder email will be sent
SLA - OverrideIf Yes the case manager will be able to set the SLA when they create the task
Auto-generateIf Yes the task will be generated as soon as the case is raised and the following options come into effect
Auto-generate - AttachmentsYes - Attachments from the case are also available in the task
No - The task won't have access to the attachments of the parent case
Auto-generate - Conditional fieldThis setting is optional, if it's left blank, the task will always be generated

Enter the name of a field that will be on the form used to raise this case type:
  • If the field doesn't exist, the task is created
  • If the field's value is an empty string, the task is created
  • If the field's value is "yes" the task is created
  • If the field's value is "true" the task is created
  • If the field's value is any other string, the task is not created
Task Limits - MinimumThe minimum number of times the task should be completed before the case can be closed
Task Limits - MaximumThe maximum number of times the task can be created
Task Limits - PrerequisitesA list of task IDs that need to be completed before this task can be generated (the task won't appear as an option to the case manager until the prerequisite is met).

Task IDs can be found in the setup/naming section of the task configuration
Task SummaryThe text that will appear in the Self Service template's list of claimable tasks. The same text is also used in the task description in case history and in the task table
History RecordThe default text for the "Task details" field when the case manager creates the task
Task List Order IndexUse this to change the ordering of the tasks in the "Task type" drop-down when a case manager is creating a new task (lower numbers appear at the top of the list)
Editable SummaryYes - The case manager can edit the text above when they create the task. It also allows them to select other options like linking to the case or including contact details (if enabled in the Setup and Naming section)
No - The text above is used
Task CancelableIf Yes the case manager can cancel the task from the task management tab. When closing a case via the API (eg as part of a Routine or another task) any tasks that can be cancelled will be before the case is closed. If tasks cannot be cancelled, they will have to be completed before the case can be closed
Email GroupIf Yes and the task is created for a group, all the users in that group will be emailed
Email UserIf Yes and the task is assigned to a single user, the user will be emailed
AttachmentsIf Yes the case manager will see a list of case attachments and be able to choose which are passed to the task user
Task NameThe name of the task, visible in Case Management and in the configuration manager
Task IDA unique ID for the task
Workflow Process IDThe ID of the workflow process this task starts
Task Read-only Form IDThe name of a form that will be used to display the task details in various read-only modes

New Tasks

To add tasks to your case type, choose one of the following.

Adding Existing Tasks

This action adds a model task to your case type. There are descriptions of these tasks in the Plugins - Standard Case Types and Tasks documentation.

These tasks can be customised as you add them, including the task name, SLAs, and assignment options.

Note that the boilerplate and multi-purpose tasks described in the Creating Custom Tasks and Creating Custom Task Workflows documentation are "existing" task types, so should be added here.

Create New Task

If you have created your own task workflow and forms, use this option, entering the names of the forms and process model in the appropriate fields.

Last modified on 11 March 2024

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