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Subtypes are available in Case Management to categorise a case.

Configuring Subtypes

Adding Subtypes

To add a new subtype, press the "Add new subtype" button.

Name and Display Name

Each subtype has a system name that is used internally, and an optional display name that will be used on customer-facing content.

If the display name is left blank, the system name will be used throughout Case Management. If you do enter a display name, it will appear on any user facing forms, in place of the system name. This functionality is primarily aimed at multi-language sites so the display name can include internationalisation tokens.

Using Subtypes

Once set up, subtypes can be automatically assigned to a case by including a field called CASESUBTYPE on the form used to raise the case. The value of the field must match one of the configured types. They can also be set and changed by a case manager while working on the case.

You can use subtypes in the Case Search and when setting up filters in Self Service. Currently dashboards do not report by subtype.

Last modified on 06 June 2023

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