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Additional Details Tab Examples

These examples demonstrate different ways you can extend Case Management using custom forms on the "Additional Details" tab.

Case Management and Assisted Service

An explanation of the user permissions when assisting a user and working on a case.

Case Management with Self Service and User Requests

Setting up Self Service and User Requests to work with Case Management.

Creating Custom Tasks

You can create custom tasks to assign to users during a case. We've provided two snippets that can be added to any form, converting it into a task form.

Creating Custom Task Workflows

To make writing your own task workflows and integrating them with Case Management easier, we've created a "boilerplate" workflow and form that you can copy and use as a starting point.

Emails and Notifications

Configuring email content, templates, and when emails are sent during a case.

Email Template and Task Title Tokens

The emails sent out during use templates which include tokens, allowing them to be customised.

Environment Configuration

Case Management has a single configuration End Point per environment for system-wide settings.

Form Language and Version Numbering

The forms used in Case Management have a root name, version number and language property.

History Records

Case Management writes several histories for each case raised, and logs events to them throughout the lifetime of the case.

Standard Articles and User Groups

A new Case Management installation has the following articles and user groups.

Support and Diagnostics Tool

The Case Management Support and Diagnostics Tool has a range of features that let you inspect, close, delete and copy active cases, see an overview of all case configurations, and generate reports on open cases, emails and errors.

Bulk Closing Cases

This utility End Point can close cases based on the length of time they have spent at a particular status with no activity recorded against the case.

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