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Date Range Summary

This dashboard lets you select a date range, then reports on cases opened, closed, outstanding and those that breached SLA.


Use the checkboxes to select the cases that should appear on the dashboards. The options that appear in the controls are set via metadata values related to the dashboard article. See Setting Up the Case Management Dashboards.

The "Date from" and "Date to" calendars let you select any two dates in the past to report on. Both calendars are inclusive (ie picking 03/07/2022 - 11/07/2022 will include both the 3rd and 11th in the dashboards).

Cases Raised

Self vs Assisted

The number of cases raised during the reporting period, and whether they were created via assisted service or not. An assisted case is raised by one user proxying another using the Assisted Service template.

Cases Breached

Date Range Breached

The number of cases that breached their SLA during the reporting period, whatever their current status.

Selecting a case type and choosing to "View breached case details" displays more detail about the breached cases, including the original SLA, the amount of time it exceeded the SLA by, and a link to view the case.

Date Range Breached Details

Users will need to be in the relevant Case Monitor (Enquiry) user group for the case type before they can see the details.

Average Duration

Average Duration

A graph showing the average length of time it took to close the selected case types during the reporting period.

The days counted to calculate the average respect the calendar days/working days setting for the case's SLAs and Working Hours.


Outstanding, Closed, New

The x-axis on the graph changes depending on the range selected:

  • Up to two weeks - daily totals
  • Two to 13 weeks - weekly totals
  • Over 13 weeks - monthly totals

It shows a count of the cases raised or closed on a given day, plus the total of those still open from previous days.

Last modified on July 12, 2022

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