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Database Save Action

This field saves a copy of the form submission to the iCM database. Saved form data can be viewed using the Form Data Browser.

Take care when saving form data. You need to be aware of any data protection and retention regulations. Access to the data browser and the data within it can be controlled by iCM user privileges.

Form data is stored as an iCM object. The object type definition's name is your form name, prefixed by FORM_ for example, FORM_MYNEWFORM. Each field on the form becomes a property of the type. Each object then uses a unique ID generated by the field. For more information about iCM objects, properties, and their labels, see Object Types.

If you want to be able to search for data saved from a form submission, the fields on your form should have their searchable property set as true. If your form uses an external type definition, the settings in the external type determine whether a field is searchable. If you change the searchable settings of a field, you'll need to reindex the iCM object collection for the change to be applied to exiting saved data.


LabelDescriptionType Name
Object LabelThe label to use when storing the object. This defaults to a randomly generated UUID if not supplied (the recommended approach).

The value of another field can be used by adding the field's name between # characters, for example #OBJECTLABELFIELD#. This must be the complete field name when an external type definition is used. Take care to generate a unique label, otherwise existing data will be overwritten
DocumentationAdd documentation to your field to help explain any complex functionality to future users. You might include information on what the field does and how it relates to other fields on the form. Notes added here are only ever visible in the Forms Designer, they can be searched for, viewed and downloaded from the action panel. See Common Field Properties for an exampleDOCUMENTATION

Action Results

The following can be accessed using .utilGetActionResults once the action has been processed.

    "objectId": "19470",
    "objectType": "FORM_ACTIONRESULTTEST",
    "objectLabel": "e89fdf1e-b7da-4e12-8b82-92f836262c0d",
    "success": "true"

Last modified on 13 June 2023

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