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Payment Fields

Payment fields are form action fields that direct a user to a third party payment provider. Users are then redirected back to your site with a status code indicating whether the payment was successful or not.

These field types are not part of the standard form family, they must be purchased separately, or as part of a solution we have developed, like Bookings.

There's a technical introduction to payment fields, including how the actions are processed and how to handle the responses returned from payment providers, in the knowledge base article - Using the Form Payment Fields.

Full documentation, usually a PDF, will be provided for each payment field type when purchased. The articles below give a high-level overview.

Adelante Smart Pay

Information about the Adelante Single and Multi item payment fields.

Bottomline Direct Debit

Information about the Bottomline Direct Debit payment field.

Capita Payment Fields

There are a variety of payment fields for Capita, each for a different payment solution integration.

Civica Payment Fields

The Civica eStore field provides integration with the Civica eStore Basket payment service.


The GOV.UK Pay field supports single transactions through the GOV.UK payment service.

Northgate PARIS Payments

The PARIS payment field can be used to pay for single or multiple items.


Take payments using PayPal.

Realex Payment Service

The Realex payment field uses the Realex HPP redirect Integration.

Secure Trading Payment Pages

The Secure Trading field supports single item payments through the Payment Pages.


The WorldPay field uses the HPP Full Redirect option from WorldPay.

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