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Using the Form Payment Fields

The GOSS payment field types are an advanced feature of the forms platform, purchased separately. While each type has its own specification document (supplied to you when you purchase a payment field/connector - contact our support team if you need another copy), this article offers some guidance on the best ways to use the fields and how to handle the responses that come back from the providers.


The following points provide a general summary applicable to all payment field types.

  • All payment fields are an "action" field type. That is, they are triggered when your form is submitted or when moving between pages
  • A payment action redirects a user to a payment provider's website or web service with details of the items being paid for, the transaction code, merchant id, a return URL, and other relevant information
  • Additional information entered into the iCM form can be passed to the payment provider. Different payment field types support different properties - full details are in the specification document of each type
  • Payment is attempted and the user is redirected back to the iCM form with an appropriate authorised, refused, cancelled or error status
  • Card details are always handled by the payment provider. They are never entered into the iCM form and are not returned in the response from the provider
  • The data that is posted back to the form includes information that allows the forms service to validate that the post is for an authorised payment request. This information is made available to the payment field's response handler function
  • Don't place any "back" buttons on pages that follow a payment action. Doing so could result in the user resubmitting the payment multiple times

Passing Values to the Payment Provider

You can pass values from your form to the payment provider, but need to do this securely and with the appropriate validation.

Handling Responses

Most payment providers, once a user has attempted to make a payment, redirect the user back to the iCM form with an authorised, refused, cancelled or error status.


Some payment fields redirect back to your form before the transaction has fully processed. Your form needs to poll the provider to get the result.

Payment Reconciliation

Payment Reconciliation is a background process that queries the payment provider to check the status of a payment.

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