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Getting Started with Forms

These articles introduce the forms designer. They cover creating your first form, adding fields to a form, creating multipage forms, and controlling what happens when a form is submitted.


If you prefer step-by-step guides, check out the Form Tutorials section.

Creating a Form

Create a form in iCM and publish it on your site. Learn about form names, fields and layouts.

Forms with Multiple Pages

Splitting up lengthy forms so that each page focuses on one thing makes your forms easier to understand and complete.

Submitting Forms

Form actions determine what happens when a page on your form is submitted.

Showing and Hiding Fields

In this form we're using the helper library's helper.hideField and helper.showField functions to show and hide fields.

Check Your Answers Page

A "Check your Answers" page is displayed to a user before they submit a form. It lets them review their answers and make changes.

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