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Form Back Buttons

The back buttons in forms, added using the wizard or navigation button fields, have several "back modes" you can choose from.

The options are:

  • Back, no validation - The default setting allows a user to navigate back to the previous page as if this page hadn't been visited. Values that have been entered on the page won't be saved in the form session and no action fields will be triggered
  • Back, no validation (link) - This behaves in the same way as no validation, but outputs the button as a link. Back links are generally placed at the top of a page and are not triggered by pressing the Enter key
  • Back, validate, actions/no actions - In this mode the back button will only navigate away from the current page if there are no validation failures. Any values entered for the fields on the page will be saved in this form session. When performing validation it is also possible to control if action fields on the page are triggered or not

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