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Action Fields

Action fields are triggered when the page of a form is submitted, including when a user navigates between pages. They send emails, save data, start workflows and include a range of payment providers.

Assisted Service - Complete Interaction

Used with the Assisted Service Interaction Log, this field completes the current interaction.

Assisted Service - Start/Update Interaction

Used with the Assisted Service Interaction Log, this field will start or update an interaction with the relevant channel and service.

Confirmation Message Action

This field displays a message to the user once a page has been submitted. It can be customised with values from the form.

Database Save Action

This field saves a complete copy of the form submission to the iCM database. This data can be viewed using the Form Data Browser.

Email Action

The email action field sends an email when your form is submitted. It can also create a PDF which will be added to the email as an attachment.

History - Form Reporting

Creates a new history with a labelc value of "reporting" which can be targeted by dashboards and reports.

History - Write Event

Writes an event to the History Service and optionally allows the form values submitted with the form to be stored in the event.

Redirect Action

The redirect action field terminates the current form session and redirects the user to the specified URL.

Save to Session Action

Save to Session actions are executed server-side when a form is submitted and allow data to be stored for later retrieval where required.

Script Action

Script actions are executed server-side when a form is submitted.

Workflow - Complete Task Action

Forms assigned to users to carry out tasks as part of a workflow process should include this field.

Workflow - Message Action

Send a message to the workflow engine when the form that contains this field is submitted.

Workflow - Start Action

When submitted, a form with this field will start an instance of a workflow process, passing data from the form to the workflow engine.

XML over HTTP Action

Post the submitted form data as as XML to a URL.

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