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Input Fields

Input fields allow a user to enter information into your form. They include text inputs, radio groups, checkboxes, file uploads and location based inputs.

Address Lookup

Performs an address lookup and populates a list with the returned addresses.


A single checkbox that will submit a value if checked, or an empty string if not.

Checkbox Group

A group of checkboxes that can be displayed horizontally or vertically, any number of which may be checked.

Client Location

A hidden field that will be populated with the user's location (if available).

Date Input

A date input field with separate boxes for day, month and year.

Date Picker

Lets the user enter a date. Validation can be set for the format of the date and which days can be chosen.

Drop-down List

A drop-down list that lets the user pick a single value.

File Upload

Allows a user to select and upload files with their form submission.


A hidden field, not visible on the form, that can store and submit data.

Hidden Location

A hidden field, not visible on the form, that can store and submit data. This data will be recognised as geographic data by the History worker.

List Box

A box that displays a list of items. Unlike the drop-down list, a user can select any number of items, depending on the validation.

Location Picker

Lets a user enter their location, either by clicking on a map or searching.

Number Input

A simple number input field with inbuilt validation options for integers and floating points.

Password (Non-storing)

A non-storing password entry field.

Password (Storing)

A Password input field that will save the entered password.

Radio Button Group

Radio buttons let a user select one item from a series of options.


Displays a Google reCAPTCHA field.

Text Area - Basic

This field submits plain text across multiple lines.

Text Area - WYSIWYG

A text area field with formatting controls and styles.

Text Input

The basic text input field lets a user enter a single line of text.

Text Input (Non-storing)

A non storing text input field.

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