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Miscellaneous Fields

The miscellaneous fields extend the core fields. They can load a user's profile, set and get helper variables, and implement custom validation.


This field makes an AJAX request to an API Server. The response is stored as the field's value.

Form Variable

Creates a form variable with a set scope.

Form Variable - Lookup

Creates a server-side variable of key-value pairs that can be looked up by form functions.

Google Analytics Event

Sends events to Google when the form is displayed, when a form button is clicked, or when a field has its value changed.


A timer that will execute its handler function after a set interval, once or repeatedly, triggered on page load or by other events.

User Profile - Load

This field performs a server-side API Server call to load one or more user profiles.

User Profile - Save

This field performs a server-side API Server call to save a user profile.


The validator field can perform additional validation, considering the content of the entire form.

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