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Display Fields

The display fields range from simple guidance text that can be added to your forms, to graphs, charts and advanced templating using Handlebars.

Alert Box

Display an alert message on your form.

D3 Chart

The D3 field renders JSON data into an SVG using D3.js

Dimple Chart

Draw graphs and charts of JSON data using Dimple.js

Guidance Text

Add a text block to your form that supports HTML markup and can take values from other fields.


A field type that can be used to display HTML. Generally the guidance text field should be used in preference to this one.

HTML Ajax Template

Makes AJAX requests to the API Server and renders the returned JSON data to HTML using a template.

HTML Template (browser-side)

A template that can make a single server-side request as the page loads, then be manipulated client-side.

HTML Template (server-side)

A template that is generated server-side and renders JSON data to HTML using Handlebars.

Password Guidance Text

Displays password complexity rules to the site user.

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