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Naming and Documenting an End Point

The Text tab is the first tab you'll see when you create or edit an end point. The name, version numbers and description are all required fields.

Name and Version

The end point name can only contain alphabetic and numeric characters, and must begin with either an underscore or a letter. The case of the name will be preserved even though calls to the end point will be case-insensitive.

The input boxes next to the name box represent the major and minor version of the end point.

The name will be combined with the major/minor versions and the parent group names (the namespace) to construct the fully qualified name that will be needed to call the end point. The fully qualified name is shown below the name/version input boxes.

An end point can be invoked with or without major/minor version information. For example, assuming an end point called "test" in the com.gossinteractive.demo namespace (group):

com.gossinteractive.demo.testInvokes latest published version. New versions (with incremented version numbers) will be ignored if they have only been published in development mode
com.gossinteractive.demo.test:1Invokes latest published version 1.x. New versions (with incremented minor version numbers) will be ignored if they have only been published in development mode
com.gossinteractive.demo.test:1.1Invokes specified version

A development version of an End Point will only be invoked if its exact version is specified in the request, or if there is no non-development version.

The name and version become very important once your end point is published and in use. If you are making changes to a live end point, we recommend you take a copy, increase the version number, and ensure it stays in development mode prior to carrying out any testing. If you don't do this, you will overwrite the original and it will automatically start being used by any calls that don't specify a version number.


A short description of the end point, visible in various lists, menus and search results in iCM.

Help Text

Detailed documentation for the end point. This information should be included for future editors of your end point. Documentation can also be retrieved using the _documentation method of the Ajaxlibrary and Serverlibrary workers.

Last modified on July 31, 2023

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