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Contributing Events

Contributing Events includes all of the functionality described in the Standard Behaviour set of articles. The following features have also been added and may need to be configured.


Rather than a confirmation message, when the Contribute Event form is submitted, users are redirected to the form used to schedule dates and times (see Creating Events via your Website in the Bookings documentation).

For this redirect to work, the Contribute Event configuration End Point needs to have the postSubmissionRedirectBaseUrl set. Its value should be an article ID of a Forms Service article that has the "Default occurrence settings" form related to it, for example:

"postSubmissionRedirectBaseUrl": "/1891"

Additional Tasks

Once a user has contributed an event, they can use Self Service or User Requests to schedule new dates and times and to update some of the default settings. To enable these tasks, the following additional task process variables need to be added to the Start Workflow action field on the Contribute Event form:

    "name": "Create new occurrence"
    "form" : "DEFAULTPRICESV1",
    "name": "Default settings"

Website and Social Media Fields

The contribute form includes three fields for an event's website and social media links.

Contribute Event Fields

These are mapped to article the extra fields of the Event template in the configuration End Point:

    "from": "form_WEBSITEURL",
    "to": "Extension.URL"
    "from": "form_FACEBOOKURL",
    "to": "Extension.FACEBOOK"
    "from": "form_TWITTERUSERNAME",
    "to": "Extension.TWITTER"

Booking Form

An Event article includes a button that links to a booking form. The form you'd like to use to make bookings is set in the article extras of your event. So that this button and form appear on event articles created via Contribute, a mapping needs to be added to the Contribute Event configuration.

In the configuration End Point, create a mapping in the formToArticleMapping array like this:

    "value": "580",
    "to": "Extension.BOOKINGID"

The "value" should be the ID of the booking form (called Take Booking Details in a standard installation).


The location of your event isn't set by this form. Event locations are set when you are Creating and Scheduling Event Occurrences.

Last modified on 05 January 2022

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