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Case Search Configuration

Case Search uses a single configuration end point found at config.[environment].CaseSearch.getConfig which provides the end point options that can be used in your custom filters.

The configuration end point should have the following format:

function(params, credentials) {
    return {
        optionsEndpoints: [{
            name: "Sizes",
            endpoint: "goss.CaseManagement.testing.CaseSearch.sizes"
        }, {
            name: "Colours",
            endpoint: "goss.CaseManagement.testing.CaseSearch.colours"
        }, {
            name: "Shapes",
            endpoint: "    goss.CaseManagement.testing.CaseSearch.shapes"

Where name is the option that appears in the article extras, and endpoint is the namespace of an end point that provides the values that will appear in the filter.

Each end point defined in the configuration should return an array of arrays, which is the format used in iCM forms for group options (see How Options Work) in the forms knowledge base.

For example, in the snippet above, the "Colours" end point returns:

    "id": 1523,
    "result": [
        ["Red", "Red"],
        ["Green", "Green"],
        ["Blue", "Blue"],
        ["Yellow", "Yellow"]
    "jsonrpc": "2.0"

Note that it is not possible to pass parameters to these end points

Last modified on November 03, 2023

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