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Debug and Tracing

Like much of the Digital Platform, the workflow engine is able to write debug and trace information that can be inspected using the API Server console.

This article describes debug and trace in releases since iCM Earlier releases can use:'thing to trace')

in workflow script actions.

Enabling Trace

Workflow tracing is controlled by a single process variable _traceEnabled. It's value will be either true or false.

If the form that starts an instance of a process has tracing enabled, _traceEnabled will automatically be enabled in the instance too.

Using Trace

Once tracing is enabled, you can call execution.trace() in script tasks to trace any message to the API Server console. If tracing is not enabled calls to execution.trace()will be ignored.

For example, this script task:

Trace in a Script Task

Would appear in the console as:

Trace Output

Additional Debugging

Enabling tracing on the Workflow Worker itself allows you to inspect all of the requests made to it, and the responses it returns.

Workflow Worker Trace

The "Data available" links reveal further details about the requests and responses, including the process variables, users involved, methods called, and information about the various tasks.

Last modified on 19 December 2018

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