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Launching New Sites and Services

We're adding a new template to Jira projects so you can tell us about your new sites and services and we're aware of their go-live dates.

The Digital Platform has all the tools you need to design, build and launch services on your websites quickly and easily. Our robust and scalable hosting platform supports hundreds of thousands of transactions and millions of page views every month. Even so, when you are planning to deliver a major new process, letting us know means we can be there with any support and advice you may need.

What to tell us about

The go-live process is not designed to create extra admin for you, it's optional. A key strength of the Digital Platform is that you can design whatever services you need and be completely self-sufficient.

Having said that, if you are creating a brand new website or service, perhaps backed up by a social media campaign or even mailshots and direct marketing that could generate a significant increase in traffic, letting us know in advance means we'll be prepared.

You might also like to tell us about something you are particularly proud of. We love hearing about the different ways you all use the platform, and if you'd like to share your work with us and the wider community, the go-live process is a great way to tell us about it.

Go-live template

In your Jira project backlog you'll find a new feature issue called "Process Go Live Template". It has a "Go Live" component and a short table to complete.

Go-Live Template

When you are planning a launch, clone this issue, complete the table, and it will automatically appear on the reports and dashboards used by our project management team.

Cloning an issue

To clone an issue, pick the "Clone" option in the "More" menu.

Clone an Issue

Name and description

Give the ticket a meaningful name, like "Customer enquiry process go-live" and update the description with as much detail as you can.

Set a due date

When you edit an issue you'll see a field for "Due date". Enter your anticipated launch date and it will show up on our reports.

Sharing with the community

If you'd like to share your new service with the community, whether that's a success story or even a copy of the forms and workflows to add to the community library, you can let us know using the go-live template.

Someone from our team will be in touch to discuss what you'd like to share. The GOSS client community is a growing resource for collaboration and sharing best practice. Your recent success could be the solution others are looking for.

Last modified on 27 May 2022

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