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Standardised Site Release Notes

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The Standardised Site is a release of all of our latest products that can be deployed as a single automated update.

If your website and platform are part of the Standardised Site pipeline you'll always be up to date with the latest versions of the site frameworks, themes, and core products like Bookings and Case Management.

As with all of our releases, the Standardised Site is extensively tested and deployed in a staged process through your environments.


What are the benefits?

The Standardised Site deployment pipeline means we can deliver new features, improvements and fixes to your platform more quickly and with fewer risks. By automating the process, and deploying known, standard artifacts, we can build in automated testing, reduce human error, improve troubleshooting, and deliver smaller more regular updates.

iCM and platform releases have been automated since 2020. The whole community has seen huge benefits in always being on the latest version of the platform, and the Standardised Site brings that experience to all of our products.

What's included?

The Standardised Site includes:

The release notes below will include which versions of each product have changed in each release.

But I haven't purchased that product

Each release of the Standardised Site includes all of our current products. Those products will be deployed to your platform, but they will not necessarily be configured or set up.

Any products running on your platform will be automatically updated. Products you haven't purchased can safely be ignored. If you'd like to start using a product that you don't currently have a licence for, contact your account manager and we'll get it set up for you.


Just because your platform is part of the Standardised Site pipeline doesn't mean you can't have bespoke website designs or products that are not part of the standard set. Your project can be set up so that core products are updated automatically and any custom elements are managed separately.

New releases of the Standardised Site update installed standard products. Your own configurations, settings, site skins, custom JavaScript, forms, workflows and other content won't be affected.

When is it released?

Releases of the Standardised Site happen each week and are staged through environments in line with the Scheduled Maintenance outlined in our hosting manual. The release notes below will include the release date and the date you can expect to see the update in your development environment.

How do find out about releases?

You can subscribe to an RSS feed for the technology relevant to your platform by following the links below. You can also join our Standardised Site Releases Community Slack Channel (opens new window) for the latest update news.

How do I sign up?

Being part of the Standardised Site pipeline is the best way to make sure you're platform is always running the latest versions of all of our products. We're proactively rolling it out to anyone who hosts with us. If you'd like to get involved sooner rather than later, contact your account manager or the support team.

Release Notes

These release notes include information about all of the products updated in each release of the standardised site. Pick the technology your platform is built on.

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