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The API Server is a fundamental pillar of your Digital Platform. It provides the tools you need to deliver services to users and integrate any system, anywhere.

Ready to get started? These articles will get you up and running with your first calls to the API Server and explore some of the more complex things you can do.

End Points
There are specific examples for End Points in the End Points Knowledge Base.

Getting Started

Make your first call to the API Server and get results back straight away.

URLs, Keys and Authentication

This article explains how the API Server uses API keys, credentials, tokens, and the internal key.

Making Requests

How to call workers from forms, End Points, workflow processes and external applications.

Using the iCM API Worker

These examples all use the iCM API worker. They show how to create articles and media items, search for content, and export object data.

Asynchronous API Server Calls

The API Server supports asynchronous requests. This allows tasks to be performed in the future, while the client receives an initial response and can move on.

Exporting iCM Object Data as a CSV

This example uses forms, End Points and a workflow process to export object data and save it as a CSV file. The file is stored in the platform's File Store.

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