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Website Users and User Management

Users can create an account by filling out your site registration form, or login and create an account using a third party provider like a social media account or your corporate directory service. Once they have an account they can track all of the services they have engaged with.

Who are my Users?

The platform organises users into groups. You can create as many different groups as you need to categorise your users.

Broadly speaking you'll have users who work in your organisations, generally referred to a staff users in this documentation, and people who are using your services.

You might create one main group for all of your staff users, then groups within your staff group for different teams and departments. People using your site, probably members of the public, will all be in one default group, but could also be added to other groups as they sign up for new services.


When a user registers with your site they enter their email address, set their preferred name, and choose a password.

Logging In

The Authentication template handles site logins, which groups a user is added to, and the page displayed to a user after logging in.


Every user has a profile. User profiles are very flexible, and can be extended to hold as much (or little) information as you need. They'll always contain a user's email address.

Users and User Groups

All website users are organised into groups. Groups are used to secure articles and set which users can interact with which forms and processes.

Standard User Groups

The platform and products installed on it use the following default user groups.

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