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Service Delivery

How are users going to connect with your organisation? It's all well and good signposting users to services, but the point of the Digital Platform is to move those services online, so they can be managed through your website.

Applications, reporting, bookings, purchases, subscriptions, insurance claims, events - these are just a few of the things we've developed and delivered. The common component they share is always a set of forms created using the iCM Forms Designer.

Submitting a form is often the first step in a user's interaction with a service. A good starting form captures the necessary (and relevant) details you need to process a user's request. A form will then trigger a workflow process that could be wholly automated, interacting with other systems, creating and manipulating data, generating bookings and reservations, logging purchases, sending out notifications via email, SMS, or social networks, all the while keeping an auditable record of the transaction using the platform's History Service.

Not everything can be automated, so workflow processes can create tasks for your staff members to review and respond to the incoming requests from your users. These tasks are managed using secured versions of the Self Service and User Requests templates, presenting lists of tasks for agents to claim and carry out.

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